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ASP/VBScript WeekdayName()

ASP/VBScript WeekdayName() Returns a string indicating the specified day of the week.

ShotDev Focus:
- Using Asp and WeekdayName() function.


WeekdayName(weekday,  abbreviate, firstdayofweek)

The WeekdayName function syntax has these parts:

Part Description
weekday Required. The numeric designation for the day of the week. Numeric value of each day depends on setting of the firstdayofweek setting.
abbreviate Optional. Boolean value that indicates if the weekday name is to be abbreviated. If omitted, the default is False, which means that the weekday name is not abbreviated.
firstdayofweek Optional. Numeric value indicating the first day of the week. See Settings section for values.

The firstdayofweek argument can have the following values:

Constant Value Description
vbUseSystem 0 Use National Language Support (NLS) API setting.
vbSunday 1 Sunday (default)
vbMonday 2 Monday
vbTuesday 3 Tuesday
vbWednesday 4 Wednesday
vbThursday 5 Thursday
vbFriday 6 Friday
vbSaturday 7 Saturday



<% Option Explicit %>
<title>ShotDev.Com Tutorial</title>
Response.write Now()&"<br>"
Response.write Weekday(Date())&"<br>"
Response.write WeekdayName(Weekday(Date()))&"<br>"

Create a asp file and save to path root-path/myasp/



ASP/VBScript & WeekdayName()

Download this script.

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