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ASP/VBScript & String Function

ASP/VBScript &  String Function
Learn and tutorial asp the string functions allow you to manipulate strings and related function.

ASP/VBScript Left()
ASP/VBScript Right()
ASP/VBScript Len()
ASP/VBScript LTrim()
ASP/VBScript RTrim()
ASP/VBScript Trim()
ASP/VBScript LCase()
ASP/VBScript UCase()
ASP/VBScript Split()
ASP/VBScript Join()
ASP/VBScript InStr()
ASP/VBScript InStrRev()
ASP/VBScript Replace()
ASP/VBScript Mid()
ASP/VBScript RGB()
ASP/VBScript Space()
ASP/VBScript StrComp()
ASP/VBScript String()
ASP/VBScript StrReverse()
ASP/VBScript LoadPicture()
ASP/VBScript Eval()

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