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How to use ASP & Zip Multiple file

How to use ASP & Zip Multiple file This is tutorial asp developers how to using ASP and Zip Multiple file

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- ASP & Zip Multiple file



<%Option Explicit%>
<title>ShotDev.Com Tutorial</title>
Dim objZip,sResult,sFile
Set objZip = Server.CreateObject("Pnvzip.ZipFunctions")
sFile = Server.MapPath("MyXls/MyCustomer.xls")&";"&Server.MapPath("MyXls/MyCustomer2.xls")
sResult = objZip.ZipFile(sFile,Server.MapPath("MyXls/MyCustomer.zip"))
Response.Write "Result code :" & sResult & "<br>"
'*** GZipFile(In,Out) for .gz ***'
Response.Write "<a href=MyXls/MyCustomer.zip>Click here</a> Download Zip Files "
Set objZip = Nothing


Create a asp file and save to path root-path/myasp/



ASP & Zip Multiple file

ASP & Zip Multiple file

ASP & Zip Multiple file

Download this script.

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