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How to use PHP & AdoDB List Data From Table

How to use PHP & AdoDB List Data From Table This tutorials/scripts developing with the PHP Scrips Using ADO  list data from database and will be show on web site.

ShotDev Focus:
- PHP & AdoDB get list data from table.



<title>ShotDev.Com Tutorial</title>
$strConn = new COM("ADODB.Connection") or die("Cannot start ADO");
$strConn->Open("DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" . realpath("db/mydatabase.mdb"));
$strSQL = "SELECT * FROM customer";
$objRec = $strConn->Execute($strSQL);
<table width="600" border="1">
<th width="91"> <div align="center">CustomerID </div></th>
<th width="98"> <div align="center">Name </div></th>
<th width="198"> <div align="center">Email </div></th>
<th width="97"> <div align="center">CountryCode </div></th>
<th width="59"> <div align="center">Budget </div></th>
<th width="71"> <div align="center">Used </div></th>
While (!$objRec->EOF)
<td><div align="center"><?=$objRec->Fields["CustomerID"]->Value;?></div></td>
<td><div align="center"><?=$objRec->Fields["CountryCode"]->Value;?></div></td>
<td align="right"><?=$objRec->Fields["Budget"]->Value;?></td>
<td align="right"><?=$objRec->Fields["Used"]->Value;?></td>
$strConn = null;

Create a php file and save to path root-path/myphp/



PHP & AdoDB List Data From Table

Download this script.

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