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ASP/VBScript & Date Time

ASP/VBScript & Date Time
Learn and tutorial asp/vbscript date and time function with code examples date , dateadd, datediff.. as sample scripts and using the related function.

ASP/VBScript Date()
ASP/VBScript DateAdd()
ASP/VBScript DateDiff()
ASP/VBScript DatePart()
ASP/VBScript DateSerial()
ASP/VBScript DateValue()
ASP/VBScript Time()
ASP/VBScript TimeSerial()
ASP/VBScript TimeValue()
ASP/VBScript Day()
ASP/VBScript Month()
ASP/VBScript Year()
ASP/VBScript MonthName()
ASP/VBScript Minute()
ASP/VBScript WeekdayName()
ASP/VBScript Hour()
ASP/VBScript Now()
ASP/VBScript Second()
ASP/VBScript Weekday()
ASP/VBScript Timer()
ASP/VBScript DateThai()

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